Friday, December 31, 2010

apple girl

This will be my final artwork in 2010.
Hope i made a good ending.
I called this the apple girl, maybe because she's eating an apple. =P
She in pink hair, and a pinky love shaped giant apple.
Same thing, i don't want to say much more bout this pic.
Hope you guys like it! enjoy.

a girl with blue hair

This is my artwork.
I called it the girl with blue hair.
She has a great smile, doesn't she?
Okay, i don't want say much more bout this pic, hope you guys like it. =D enjoy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Art Go Go Camp

During this school holidays, i went to a 2 days camp which is 'art go go camp' organised by The One Academy Penang.
Its a good experience for me. For your information, The One Academy is an art college, and it is also my dream college..aww D=.
In this camp, they din't really teach you how to draw or any digital painting. If they do, they only do demonstration or teach some very basic's basic. This is kinda disappointed though =(. I expect more than that from them!!! argh...-.-
In the camp, they divide the participants (us) into 4 groups. I was arranged into the pink group, and we called it the 'unknown' group after a sometime of discussion. We have four activities/challenge and 1 station game in this camp. Unfortunately our group din't won the best group award =(.
But there are still some good news for our group, i have to say this because our group have the most members to win the activities/challenge. And i am one of them, haha. 3 winners for each challenge, so they are all 12 participants among 80+ participants is going to get some prizes (the one academy t-shirt). I won the Best Recycle Bag Design Award!!! =D. congratz me !!! (one of the 3 winners among about 80 challengers)
*I don't have the original photos, so you may notice the photos are blur and small. oww well... it is still a worthy 2days camp for me. =D

Our group photo*

Group photo*

Front design* of my recycle bag

Back design*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holidays' sketch

YAY! Finally an update for my blog, lol.
Okay, this is a sketch from me. its took me about 30 mins to finish it (plus photoshop'ing). For your information, i'm not used to the digital colouring. So you may notice this is just a simple and easy colouring method, XD.
As you can see, the drawing is based on the colour brown*, and all the colour used is soft selected. (SO ITS WONT TORTURE YOUR EYE!)
All the works done using only computer.
Sketching materials- tablet, photoshop and my
Skill used- i used double layer of texture inside.
Just a simply sketching to update my blog and DA. Anyway, i still think its not bad bah!
HOPE yo beautiful eyes will enjoy my illustration. =D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

inheriting the CLiCC president post

24 july 2010
After today's morning AGM of CLiCC, i have successfully become the new president of computer club. I am so proud and such an honor on inheriting the CLiCC president post. I hope i have the ability and confidence to operate this club. I will also try my very best for the club to make the club even succes and don't let my club down. =D

Monday, July 12, 2010

Colourful Glowing Text Effect

This image is the result in experimenting the text effect with photoshop. Its just my first try on this effect. However, i was pretty happy with the result (since its was just my first try anyway). For your information, i also used this kind of effect and design into the co-operative club card design competition, hopefully it wont be disappointed... LOL

And for those who are interested in this text effect, you are welcome to comment for more info or direct send me an email or even asking in msn chat. And of cause, you can always search its tutorial yourself. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO COMMENT HERE.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Blogger is Back

The handsome blogger is just back from anywhere to his blog, and get ready to update! XD